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Joe (Valdinei)


Steve is an excellent teacher, charismatic, has great didactic, and helped me a lot with learning English. Choosing a native speaker makes all the difference for those who want to improve their pronunciation and learn true English. Thanks, Steve!




Planning and Preparation. Teacher Steve Sorden always delivers seamless lesson presentation. Excellent planning and preparation manifest in smooth transitions, mastery of the subject, and appropriate visual cues.

Delivery. He starts each lesson with clear goals and culminates with assessments, objective feedback, and feasible recommendations.

Efficiency. He utilizes every minute of instructional time to maximize language learning.

Diversity. He impeccably manages multi-cultural classes because of his nurturing and nonpartisan nature.



Poland, 55

Steve helped me to improve my confidence with speaking English. Thanks to him, I am now much better at negotiating with suppliers and customers of my busy export company.

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