The Raspberry Pi Lowers the Cost of Educational Computing

The Raspberry Pi is an interesting new concept that was recently announced. It appears that it is still difficult to get your hands on one, but when manufacturing capacity catches up with demand, you will be able to purchase a computer for around $25. The computer is the size of a credit card and has network, USB and HDMI connectors. It runs the Linux OS on a smartphone CPU and is intended as a low cost way for schools to teach the fundamentals of programming, without tying up a full-blown desktop, or letting sometimes mischievous students hack away at the lab computers. I can also see how this computer would be useful for various robotics projects.

Beyond programming classes in K-12 schools, there is a lot of buzz about other uses for this innovative product which go beyond general education uses.

For more information, check out the Web site at or watch the two videos below.



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